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Registration procedure ICO membership PhD Students

Check if you meet the requirements. If you don't meet the requirements the application will not be given a reading. 

Before a PhD student can become a member of ICO, the PhD project has to be approved by ICOs Scientific Committee. The supervisor is responsible sending in the ICO Form for Project Proposals to the Executive Secretary at  It is recommended to submit the research proposal several months prior to the start of the project, but no later than nine months after the project has started. After submission of the plan, the scientific committee will assess whether the proposed research has sufficiently been elaborated, and whether it fits the ICO research themes. 

Approved NWO, NRO or FWO Projects
If the project has already been approved by NWO, NRO or FWO, sending in the NWO/NRO or FWO proposal, and the Education and Supervision plan (part 7 of the project proposal-form) will suffice. 

Deadline for sending in proposals for new ICO PhD members, is always 2 weeks before the next meeting date.  
In 2017-2018 the meetings are: 

1. 25 September 2017
2. 4 December 2017
3. 27 February 2018
4. 15 May 2018

Example of an approved Project Proposal
To give you an indication what a good Project Proposal entails, see the attached 'project proposal - example'. 

ICO Introductory Course
As soon as you have send in your project proposal, you can register for the ICO Introductory Course at 
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