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Research Director Welten Institute

posted 27 Jun 2017, 03:52 by ICO Education   [ updated 27 Jun 2017, 03:54 ]
Open University of the Netherlands - 
Position in the organisation
The Welten Institute is managed by a research director assisted by the strategic board, which is chaired by the research director. The research director sets out the policy lines and strategy for the institute in consultation with the strategic board, has decision-making authority and is responsible for implementing the policy adopted, key aspects of which include the organisational set-up, research planning and coordination, the quality assurance cycle, human resource policy and finance.

In conducting the day-to-day management tasks, the research director receives assistance from an operational management team and is supported by a management assistant and the head of the Faculty Office. The research director forms part of the faculty management team of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences. S/he performs tasks under the responsibility of the dean. S/he also serves as the point of contact for the Executive Board regarding the role of the Welten Institute within the university and the institute's contribution to the innovation of education provided by the institute.
In addition to management tasks, the research director conducts research within one or more of the institute's research themes.

Position description
The research director:
  • Is responsible for and formulates - in line with the OU Strategic Plan - the strategy and policy of the Welten Institute in conjunction with the institute's strategic board.
  • Chairs the operational management team, ensures the implementation of strategy and policy, with a focus on the following areas:
    • the organisation of the institute and developing work practices;
    • implementing institute policy on human resources, finance and infrastructure in line with the framework conditions of both faculty and central policy, and implementing the research policy;
    • the annual quality assurance cycle;
    • human resource management at the institute;
    • monitoring the budgetary framework.
  • Has the ability to bring together academic insights and to utilise the richness of the pluriform nature of the institute to fulfil the remit concerning the innovation of education.
  • Achieves wider collaboration between the research themes of the Welten Institute and the research conducted by the Psychology research group at the faculty, and with other relevant research groups at the university
  • Promotes high-quality research.
  • Has the ability to contribute to the innovation of education at the OU in line with the OU's mission and to strengthen the collaboration between the institute and the faculties in this area.
  • Is enterprising and enters into agreements and collaborations, and has the ability to raise the visibility of the institute.
  • Is a member of and participates in the faculty management team, and serves as a consultation partner for the Executive Board.
  • ‘Personalises’ the mission of the institute and the Open University of the Netherlands.

Position requirements
  • Professor in a research area relevant to the institute, with wide research experience.
  • Contemporary vision for academic research and recognises challenges.
  • Intrinsic interest in the nature of the research institute.
  • Well-proven management skills.
  • Administrative experience in a university context and a good feel for academic relations.
  • Can act as a figurehead for the institute and has an excellent reputation both in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Provides guidance, inspiration and encouragement and has the ability to ‘transcend parties’.
  • Proven competence in building and creating networks.
  • Has the ability to operate effectively in a process-based manner within the complex decision-making processes at the faculty and university.
  • Has ties with a national and international network.
  • Is driven, open and has excellent communication skills.

Personality profile
  • Shows affinity with various academic perspectives existing at the institute.
  • Has the ability to provide unifying leadership.
  • Is collaboration-oriented, particularly in terms of linking different academic perspectives.
  • Has an authentic passion for research.
  • Has the appropriate personality to shape, further develop and implement the vision and mission of the Welten Institute.
  • Adopts a collaboration-oriented approach within the institute, the faculty and the university.
  • Is a team player and is willing to contribute to and share responsibility for the general strategy and for policy development for the faculty and the university.
  • Demonstrates ambition and brings new zeal, motivates and encourages people to forge new initiatives, has the ability to acquire people's support in this process and does not avert difficult decisions.

Terms of employment
The OU offers a salary commensurate with the position. The research director will be granted an appointment at the faculty for a four-year period and is eligible for reappointment. The Open University of the Netherlands offers flexible terms of employment and good fringe benefits.

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