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WJGS Colloquium Professor Anna Stetsenko

posted 20 Feb 2014, 07:32 by ICO Education   [ updated 2 Mar 2014, 23:56 ]
Learning and Identity in Activity Systems: Exploring the intersections of learners’ agency and meaningful knowledge
April 17, 16:00 hours - VU University Amsterdam 
Recent research and theories of learning and development increasingly focus on relational and transactional processes at the intersection between persons and sociocultural contexts. This shift in perspective entails radical reconstitution of notions about what it means to know and to learn, and how learners’ identities are implicated in these processes.

In this lecture, Prof. Stetsenko will discuss several research directions within transactional approaches including dynamic systems theory, situated and distributed cognition, participatory learning frameworks, and activity theory. She will focus on the role of agency and identity drawing on theory and findings from several research projects (in NYC primary school and other contexts) to illustrate how the learning process can be organized as a personally meaningful endeavor within the dynamic, participatory and goal-driven transactions in activity systems.

Prof. Anna Stetsenko earned her Ph.D. from Moscow State University and has since many years been working as a full professor at the City University of New York. She is internationally recognized for her pioneer research in developmental and educational psychology. Her work cuts across multi-theoretical lines including system biology, feminist thinking and social theory but she is mostly acknowledged as an outstanding representative of post-Vygotskian activity theory, which has become one of the most important developmental and learning theories around the world. Her numerous publications refer to topics such as: identity, learning and development, science education, school performance, as well as theory and history of psychology. For more information see http://annastetsenko.ws.gc.cuny.edu <http://annastetsenko.ws.gc.cuny.edu/

This event is co-organized by the Research Institute of Child Development and Education of the University of Amsterdam. 

For more information go to http://www.psy.vu.nl/en/news-agenda/agenda/2014/wjgs-colloquium-professor-anna-stetsenko.asp