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Veni awards 2016

posted 18 Aug 2016, 00:12 by ICO Education   [ updated 18 Aug 2016, 00:13 ]
Among the 158 Veni laureates this year are three ICO Members. Congratulations to Janneke van der Pol, Hülya Kosar and Inge Molenaar!

A brief summary of their research projects is given below.

Do I know what you know? 
Dr. J.E. (Janneke) van de Pol (f), UU – Department of Education 
High school teachers are often insufficiently aware of their students’ knowledge. Therefore, students frequently receive inadequate individual support, resulting in suboptimal performance. This project focuses on investigating and promoting teacher judgment accuracy and subsequently support adaptivity and students’ learning by training teachers to use more informative cues when making judgments.

Between the school and the mosque: Young Muslims negotiating citizenship in the Netherlands
Dr. H. (Hülya) Kosar Altinyelken (f), UvA, Social and Behavioural Sciences
Thousands of Muslim children and youth receive Qur’anic instruction at mosques in the Netherlands. By focusing on Turkish immigrants, this project seeks to analyse the dynamic interplay between Qur’anic instruction and the citizenship education provided at secondary schools, and how young Muslims negotiate the differences between these two distinct worlds.

Facilitating self-regulated learning in adaptive educational technologies
Dr. I. (Inge) Molenaar (f), RU, Onderwijs wetenschappen
Adaptive educational technologies are increasingly used in primary education. These technologies adjust educational material to the performance of students. The proposed research investigates how students learn with adaptive educational technologies and under which conditions personalized visualizations aid students to improve their learning.