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There are some places left: Invitation international symposium for Ph.D. students in teacher education (October 1, 2 & 3)

posted 15 Aug 2013, 03:37 by ICO Education   [ updated 15 Aug 2013, 03:39 ]
On October 1, 2, and 3, a symposium for Norwegian, Flemish and Dutch Ph.D. students connected to teacher education institutes will take place at VU University Amsterdam. The Norwegian colleagues took the initiative for this symposium. Information about the Norwegian participants can be found on http://www.nafol.net/index.php?page=ph-d-student-projects-group-of-2012---2015

Dutch and Flemish Ph.D. students in teacher education are kindly invited to participate. The preliminary programme is as follows. On October 1 (afternoon) and October 2 (morning) experts on the field of teacher educator will give lectures (Kari Smith, Geert Kelchtermans, Fred Korthagen, Mieke Lunenberg). In the afternoon of October 2 the research projects of the participating Ph.D. will be discussed in small groups. The final session will take place in the morning of October 3. Then the focus will be on writing and publishing.

All participants are expected to be present on October 2. For October 1 and 3 being present is optional. Admission to the symposium is free.

All participating PhD-students have to prepare a text in English, 2-4 pages (please, do not send longer texts), dealing with an aspect of their research project. The text starts with a short summary (not more than 250 words) which contains the title of the project, the problem formulation, the chosen theoretical framework, description of the empirical material, the chosen methods, and a statement where in the writing process you are. The rest of the text elaborates on a certain aspect you wish to get a comment/response on during the seminar. This could be a part of the theory, it could be a methodological issue, or it could be part of an analysis.

This text should be sent to Anna-Lena Østern (the Norwegian students) or to Mieke Lunenberg (the PhD-students from the Netherlands and Belgium) no later than 3 weeks before the seminar. Anna-Lena Østern and Mieke Lunenberg compose the groups for the seminar, and send the texts to the students of the relevant group and to the seminar leader at the latest two weeks before the seminar. A seminar group consists of 5-6 students and a seminar leader. The participants in a group read all papers in advance. Two students are connected with as special responsibility to respond to one text during the seminar. Each PhD-student will get 5 minutes to present their aspect (all have read the paper!), then the connected student gives a response to the paper 5-10 minutes. After that an open dialogue led by the seminar leader starts. Depending on if the group has 5 or 6 participants the time slot for each student is 20-30 minutes including the students presentation and the connected students response.

The number of Dutch PhD students that can participate in the symposium is limited. If you would like to participate, please send an email to m.l.lunenberg@vu.nl before September 15.