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Symposium (International) Perspectives on Teacher Leadership

posted 6 May 2015, 01:06 by ICO Education   [ updated 6 May 2015, 01:21 ]
On 1 June 2015 from 13.30 to 17.00 the ‘Onderwijscentrum’ in collaboration with the editorial Board of Professional Development in Education organizes a symposium about (International) Perspectives on Teacher Leadership. The ability of teachers to contribute to innovations in education (that is to be teacher leaders) is increasing seen as an important aspect of school development. The key note speakers in this symposium Alex Alexandrou/Sue Swaffield and Marco Snoek will discuss how teacher leadership can be developed and how it impacts school development. The key note sessions are followed by interactive session with two teacher leaders: Jan Baan and Netty Gelijsteen.

The symposium takes places at the Onderwijscentrum-VU, Prof. E.M. Meijerslaan 2, 1183 AV Amstelveen http://www.vu.nl/nl/over-de-vu/contact-routebeschrijving/routebeschrijvingen/routebeschrijving-uilenstede/index.asp

If you want to attend, please send an email to Anja Swennen, j.m.h.swennen@vu.nl

Program Seminar 1 June

Chair: Anja Swennen


Welcome with coffee and tea


Opening remarks by Dominicus Kamsma, Director of VU University Education Centre


Opening Remarks by Ken Jones and Jim O’Brien as Managing Editors of PDIE


Keynote: Leadership for Learning Framework and Teacher Leadership by Alex Alexandrou (Freelance Academic, Consultant and Writer) and Sue Swaffield, University Senior Lecturer - Educational Leadership and School Improvement, Faculty of Education, Cambridge university)


Keynote: Developing Teacher Leadership and its Impact in Schools by Marco Snoek (Professor in Learning and Innovation, University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam)



Interactive session with two teacher leaders BY Jan Baan (teacher leader in primary education) and Netty Gelijsteen (teacher leader in a College for Further education (MBO)


Interactive session with the delegates who discuss Teacher Leadership Issues and report back


Closing Remarks from Marco, Sue and Alex

Closing and ‘borrel’