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Save the date: ICO National Spring School 2019

posted 16 Oct 2018, 06:36 by ICO Education   [ updated 17 Oct 2018, 05:56 ]
March 14 and 15, 2019 - 
The ICO NSS: ICO’s national networking event

The ICO National Spring School (NSS) is a biennial, two-day networking event for all ICO Members: PhDs, Staff and Post Docs. During this event ICO members can meet, mingle, and learn about the projects of other ICO members, while the PhD-candidates can practice their presentation skills in a safe surroundings; 

At the ICO National Spring School, you can 
  • learn about new developments in educational sciences by attending the presentation sessions;
  • attend one of the short workshops;
  • meet kindred research spirits during the Meet-your-Theme Group-session; 
  • informally catch up with long lost colleagues at the conference dinner; 
PhD project presentations
The focus of the National School is on the proejcts of the ICO PhD-candidates. PhD's are given the opportunity to present their work, either in a Junior Presentation (for 1st and 2nd year candidates) or in a Senior Presentation (3rd or 4th year candidates). The Junior Presentation can be either a Poster Presentation, or a Round Table Session. The Senior Presentation is a Paper Presentation. Coming November, you will be able to find more information about how to prepare for the presentation sessions on the website.  

ICO Staff and Post Doc Members: our discussants and chairs
While the PhD-candidates are presenting their work, all attending ICO Staff and Post Doc-members will be given a role, either as chair of a session, or as a discussant. Of course, we will try to give all Staff and Post Docs the opportunity to be present as an auditor at the presentations of the projects they are involved in themselves, either as a promoter or as a supervisor. If you have any special wishes regarding the presentations of your PhD Students you want to attend, please let us know at your registration form. 

Registration and deadlines:
  • Registration is open from December 2018 until February 1, 2019; 
  • Send in your abstract and paper before February 1, to c.vonk@uu.nl
Fee day programme: 
  • ICO members (PhD, staff, post docs and alumni): no fee 
  • Non-ICO members: € 100,00 
Fee conference dinner (March 14, 2019): max. €60,00 (including drinks) 

Attending staff and post doc members are also obliged to register.