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Register for the blended course Research into Higher Education (18-T9) before September 15th!

posted 5 Sep 2018, 01:09 by ICO Education   [ updated 5 Sep 2018, 01:09 ]
Educational research within the area of higher education knows diverse themes and issues and many of them overlap with other areas of educational research (Tight, 2003). The issues in the field of research into higher education are related to topics such as learning environments, retention and dropout of students, professional development of teachers, curriculum development, organisational context, assessment, quality assurance and evaluation. Apart from these more generic topics of educational research we can identify issues specifically related to higher education research, such as study success, the teaching-research nexus, supervision of student research, and the Bologna reform. Different types of research methods are applied and both quantitative and qualitative data collecting methods are used. The purpose of this ICO-Masterclass is to provide a broad overview of the current state of research into higher education, in Flanders and the Netherlands as well as internationally.