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Qualitative Research course offered at Maastricht University

posted 13 Dec 2016, 00:08 by ICO Education   [ updated 13 Dec 2016, 02:33 ]
Qualitative Research in Health Professions Education: Research Design and Data Analysis  
Looking for a course that will help you getting started with your qualitative research project? Or are you feeling lost in data analysis or just in need of some critical reflection on your analysis? In this course we’ll focus on two essential moments of choice in the qualitative research process: selecting your research design and selecting your analytical strategy. These choices are inherently interconnected and will ultimately create the lens through which you will make sense of your data.

Our main goal with this one week course is twofold. On the one hand, we aim to provide you with the necessary understandings that allow you as a researcher to be as intentional as possible about the selection of your research design and data analysis, and to provide a strong rationale for these choices. On the other hand, we will also build your practical skills for qualitative data collection and analysis.

Your own project will be the central theme guiding you through the course. Depending on where you are in your study, you will get hands-on with either designing your study or analyzing and interpreting your data. Opportunities for peer exchange, peer review and individual consultations with course leaders will enable you to reflect on and shape your own work, as well as learn about the moments of choice involved in qualitative research more broadly.
A variety of sessions on core concepts and practices in qualitative research will be offered during the week, in which we encourage reflection on how these concepts relate to your own project. Underlying the various activities and sessions throughout this week will be attention to designing and conducting rigorous research and the many aspects this involves.

Date: April 3-7, 2017
Application Deadline: March 1, 2017
Course Fee: €1,200.-

Course information: https://she.mumc.maastrichtuniversity.nl/qualitative-research-health-professions-education-research-design-and-data-analysis