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Pre Announcement: International Conference on Design Research

posted 1 Mar 2012, 06:42 by ICO Education
 May 23, 2012 – Campus University of Twente

The UT (University of Twente), SLO (National Institute for Curriculum Development), and DoCenter (Center for Sustainable Curriculum Innovation) jointly announce a one-day
international conference on Educational Design Research. In the morning, guest speakers will discuss concepts and methods of design research. The afternoon will
feature workshops on case-based exploration of design research.

Professor Jan van den Akker – SLO National Institute for Curriculum Development
Professor Gerald Knezek – University of North Texas
Dr. Susan McKenney – University of Twente / Open University
Professor Thomas Reeves – University of Georgia Athens
Professor Mike Spector – University of North Texas
Dr. Joke Voogt – University of Twente

Susan McKenney and Thomas Reeves will present their new book on
Conducting educational design research. London: Routledge.