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Pre-announcement: Freudenthal Lecture by Professor Rafael Núñez

posted 27 Jun 2013, 02:15 by ICO Education   [ updated 27 Jun 2013, 02:16 ]
September 17, Utrecht University - 
On Tuesday September 17, professor Rafael Núñez of the Department of Cognitive Science of the University of California, San Diego, will deliver the 2013 Freudenthal Lecture. 

Núñez scholarly and cutting-edge work in the area of embodied cognition, mathematical thinking and scientific thinking is a source of inspiration for us to initiate innovative research in the field of learning and teaching mathematics, science and technology. He co-authored with George Lakoff the standard work “Where Mathematics Comes From: How the Embodied Mind Brings Mathematics into Being”. Further publications of Núñez can be found at http://www.cogsci.ucsd.edu/~nunez/web/. His research includes a broad range of mathematical issues covering different levels of learning mathematics. Moreover, he addresses these issues from various interrelated perspectives: mathematical cognition, the empirical study of spontaneous gestures, cognitive linguistics, psychological experiments, neuroimaging, and cross-cultural field research.

Date, time and place
September 17, 2013, from 14-17 p.m. 
Boothzaal (university library) 
Utrecht University 

Further information about the program will follow soon. 

Please, forward this announcement to others who might be interested!