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PhD Defence Ria Dolfing

posted 30 Sep 2013, 02:16 by ICO Education   [ updated 30 Sep 2013, 02:16 ]
On Wednesday, October 23, at 16:15 hours exactly, Ria Dolfing (Utrecht University) will defend her thesis Teachers' Professional Development in Context-based Chemistry Education. Strategies to Support Teachers in Developing Domain-specific Expertise. 
All ICO Members are cordially invited to the PhD graduation ceremony which will take place at the Academiegebouw of Utrecht University, Domplein 29 Utrecht. Afterwards, you will be very welcome at the reception.

The international trend of redesigning science curricula in terms of meaningful context-based programmes, involves a tremendous change in teachers’ practices. The successful implementation of such new curricula requires that teachers develop new domain-specific expertise in teaching innovative materials. The development of this new expertise often takes place in professional development programmes in which teachers design, implement and evaluate curriculum materials in collaborative settings.This thesis describes studies on the development of domain-specific expertise of Dutch chemistry teachers in teaching context-based chemistry units during a professional development programme. The programme was evaluated and adapted to enhance teachers’ development. Based on the findings, strategies were retrieved regarding the group dynamics within the collaborative setting, and regarding the professional development framework and activities that supported teachers’ development. This thesis showed that the purpose of the group, the coordination of the coach, the hierarchy among participants, and teachers’ problem analysis of teaching the new content in context-based education are important issues to consider when planning professional development programmes.