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PhD Defence Carla Oonk

posted 16 Nov 2016, 02:51 by ICO Education   [ updated 16 Nov 2016, 02:52 ]
On Wednesday December 7, at 16:00 hours exactly, Carla Oonk (Wageningen University) will defend her thesis Learning and Teaching in the Regional Learning Environment: Enabling Students and Teachers to Cross Boundaries in Multi-Stakeholder Practices.

All ICO Members are cordially invited to be present at the PhD graduation ceremony in the Aula of Wageningen University.

If you have any questions, or if you want to attend the reception afterwards, please inform the paranimfs at carlapromoveert@gmail.com

Short summary of the thesis
Finding solutions for complex societal problems requires cross-boundary collaboration between multiple stakeholders who represent various practices, disciplines and perspectives. 

The authentic, multi-stakeholder Regional Learning Environment (RLE) is expected to develop higher education students’ capabilities for working in multi-stakeholder settings.
However, the effectiveness of the RLE, including its typical cross-boundary learning environment characteristics, has not been investigated.

This thesis shows that the RLE develops students’ domain specific expertise and various generic competencies. The learning environment characteristics of working in multi-disciplinary student groups, working highly intensive with stakeholders, and a high coaching intensity strengthen competence development. Explicit workshop-based support of students’ boundary crossing working and learning stimulates the amount of student-stakeholder collaborative activities, and activates students’ boundary crossing learning.
Teachers fulfil new out-of-school oriented roles and tasks in the RLE and should master new boundary crossing competencies. Existing higher education teacher profiles are recommended to be adapted to become out-of-school proof.