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New ICO Theme groups starting 2013

posted 10 Jul 2012, 02:42 by ICO Education   [ updated 10 Jul 2012, 07:05 ]

To better connect with the VOR Divisions, and with the current major topics in educational research, ICO has decided to make some changes in the Theme groups. 
The theme “Innovative Learning Arrangements” will be divided into “Learning and Instruction” and “ICT and Education”. New Theme groups will be “Workplace Learning”, Neuroscience and Education” and “Higher Education”. 

Overview of the ICO Theme groups, starting 2013:
1. Learning and instruction
2. ICT and education
3. Workplace learning
4. Teaching and teacher education
5. Domain-specific instruction
6. Educational design and curriculum development
7. Schools and the societal context of education
8. Assessment, evaluation and examination
9. Higher Education
10. Neurosciences and education

Later this year all ICO members will be asked if their research still fits their present theme group(s), or if they want to switch to another theme. 
From 2013 onwards, the new theme group coordinators will be appointed, and new courses will be developed.

More information on the current Theme groups can be found on the ICO website. More information about the new theme groups will be available soon.