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New ICO PhD Projects in January 2017

posted 26 Jan 2017, 02:36 by ICO Education   [ updated 1 Feb 2017, 00:04 ]
In January the following new PhD projects were admitted. ICO welcomes all new PhD members;

New PhD Projects
January 2017


Theme groups

 Teachers’ professional vision for classroom management

PhD: Sharisse van Driel
Supervisors: Brand-Gruwel, Jarodzka, Van Strien

Open University

  • Teaching and Teacher Education
  • Learning and Instruction

The curriculum OV4U for special education; an effect study.

PhD: Ivonne Douma
Supervisors: Minneart, Grietens, De Boer

Groningen University

  • Learning and Instruction 
  • Schools and the societal context of Education

Culturally responsive teaching: A study on preservice teachers’ attitudes and self-efficacy beliefs and their culturally responsive teaching practices.

PhD: Brigitte Theeuwes
Supervisors: Admiraal, Denessen, Saab

Leiden University

  • Teaching and Teacher Education

Het ontwikkelen van statistische vaardigheden via histogrammen

PhD: Lonneke Boels
Supervisors: Drijvers, Bakker, Van Dooren

Utrecht University

  • Domain –Specific Instruction 
  • Learning and Instruction

Design of education for the value driven professional: An educational design study of the stimulation of value-expressive attitude development of student in higher education programs.

PhD: Pamela den Heijer
Supervisors: Voogt, Zondervan

University of Amsterdam

  • Educational Design and Curriculum Development 
  • Higher Education

Creative problem solving in mathematics

PhD: Marije Stolte
Supervisors: Van Luit, Kroesbergen

Utrecht University

  • Educational design and curriculum development 
  • Neurosciences and education

 Adaptivity in Inquiry Learning Spaces

PhD: Karel Kroeze
Supervisors: De Jong, Lazonder, Veldkamp, Van den Berg

University of Twente

  • ICT and Education

Student Motivation and Self-Regulated Learning in Open Online Education

PhD: Jacqueline Wong
Supervisors: Paas, Houben, Baars

Erasmus University

  • ICT and Education
  • Learning and Instruction

The role of matching in the process of choosing a program and study success of prospective students

A comparative research among Dutch universities

PhD: Karlijn Soppe
Supervisors: Klugkist, Wijngaards, Wubbels

Utrecht University

  • Higher Education
  • Assessment, Evaluation and Examiniation

 ASAP Science – Motivation in Science Video Watching: The Role of Individual Differences and Video Characteristics

PhD: Maien Sachistal
Supervisors: Raijmakers, Peetsma, Jansen, Van der Maas

University of Amsterdam

  • Learning and Instruction
  • ICT and Education

Teachers’ role in classroom’s cultural climate and its effects on minority pupils’ school engagement


PhD: Ceren Su Abacioglu
Supervisors: Volman, Fischer, Rhemtulla

University of Amsterdam

  • Learning and Instruction
  • Teaching and Teacher Education

Boundary crossing as a key skill for open-ended problem solving: Educational design research about the development of students’ skills for open-ended problem solving through boundary crossing in higher professional education

PhD: Marieke Veltman
Supervisors: Voogt, Van Keulen

University of Amsterdam

  • Educational design and curriculum development 
  • Higher Education

Studying the role of simulations in teacher education to support teachers’ interpersonal skills

PhD: Hanneke Theelen
Supervisors: Den Brok, Van den Beemt

Eindhoven University of Technology

  • ICT and Education