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Does your research focus on a specific domain?

posted 18 Sep 2018, 04:34 by ICO Education   [ updated 18 Sep 2018, 04:54 ]
Register for the course 18-T5 Domain-specific instruction in schools and professional domains before September 24!  
Research within the area of learning and instruction often takes place within a specific domain. Important research questions focus on learning and instruction of domain-specific concepts and domain-specific ways of reasoning and problem solving. Within these domains many innovations have been implemented over the last few decades because of new insights into learning and instruction, but also because the subject matter that is taught within these different domains is up-dated or because the professional or social environment in which the knowledge and skills are meaningful has been changed. 
In this master class we focus foremost on domain-specific instruction in schools, but also elaborate on what happens with domain-specific skills when a person has to translate them into a different context (i.e., transitions between domains and to the workplace, questions of transfer or boundary crossing). We discuss the theories that domain-specific researchers use and contribute to. Furthermore, we explore different methods being used in domain-specific instruction research, such as design research, process and intervention studies. Finally, we discuss how to close the gap between the research and educational practice under discussion and how to develop a fruitful exchange between them. 

Course objectives: 
The participants will: 
- Become aware that domain-specific research is conducted within diverse contexts; 
- Acquire insight into the types of research questions and theories that play an important role in investigating the acquisition of domain-specific knowledge and skills; 
- Gain deeper understanding of the problem of transfer of domain-specific knowledge and understanding and transitions between contexts; 
- Acquire insight into research methodologies used within this type of research, particularly in the context of design research, intervention studies and process studies; 
- Become acquainted with the work of researchers and staff members within this area; 
- Engage in debate about strengths and weaknesses of domain-specific research and how it connects to educational practice; 
- Convert research questions, methodologies and findings of domain-specific research to the context of their own research project.