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Invitation: Measuring and conceptualizing professional knowledge, Symposium Educational and Learning Sciences

posted 18 Sep 2013, 04:08 by ICO Education   [ updated 18 Sep 2013, 04:08 ]

Wednesday 30 October 2013, 9:30 – 16:30  hours
Belle van Zuylen-zaal, Academiegebouw, Domplein, Utrecht 

Organized by Arthur Bakker, Elly de Bruijn, Liesbeth Baartman and Harmen Schaap
In collaboration with Marieke van der Schaaf and Esther de Groot 

Speakers: Erno Lehtinen, Els Boshuizen, Halszka Jarodzka, and Stephan Ramaekers 

The field of professional expertise development faces the question of what constitutes professional knowledge and how it can be measured. Over the last decades it has become evident that professional knowledge is not only declarative, explicit or codified, but can also be situated, implicit, episodic, embodied, distributed, and mediated by technology. How suitable are current measurement techniques for capturing such features? We raise this question because valid and reliable measurement is theoretically and practically relevant: the nature of professional knowledge, whether as part of expertise or competence, is interesting in itself, but there is also a need for curricular redesign and valid assessment in vocational education and professional training.

The goal of this one-day symposium is to the relative merits of methodological techniques that are used to measure professional knowledge in relation to how such knowledge is conceptualized. Several national scholars will share their different experiences but there is also space for participants to share their own experiences in round tables. Erno Lehtinen will discuss the theme of the symposium.

You can register at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/59GTYXP (there is space for 50 participants)