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International conference ‘Competence Theory, Research and Practice’

posted 26 Jan 2016, 00:44 by ICO Education   [ updated 24 Feb 2016, 00:07 ]
Wageningen University
This is a gentle reminder about the Call for submissions for the international conference ‘Competence Theory, Research and Practice’, which will take place on the new campus of Wageningen University in the Netherlands on October 19-21, 2016.

As we have communicated earlier, the deadline for submissions of proposals is March 21, two months from now.

As conference organization team we have made significant progress. Some highlights:
· We have established a team of around 25 esteemed colleagues as members of the Scientific Organization Committee.
· The Rector Magnificus of Wageningen University, Professor Arthur Mol, will give a speech at the opening session of the conference.
· We have confirmations of two key note speakers, the Director of Vocational Education and Life Long Learning of the European Commission, Dr. Joao Santos, and the Director of Research of the German Institute for Vocational Education, Professor Reinhold Weiss.
· We are working with a big consultancy company to invite a female Corporate Director Human Resources from a large company in the food sector to speak on the implementation of competence profiling, assessment and development.
· Furthermore, various organizations have confirmed they have sent or are sending the Call for submissions to their potentially interested members. These are until now the VOR, ICO, (a section of) the NIP, the EERA-VETNET, the UFHRD, Europea, the AERA Sig Workplace Learning, the AERA Sig Professional Licensure and Certification, AVETRA, RAVTE and JVET. I am still inviting other organizations, which also looks promising. We are very excited about this.

You can follow www.competence2016.nl on which you can also upload your proposals. If you have any questions about that, do not hesitate to contact us via competence2016@wur.nl

We have set the budget for the conference, and the conference fee (early bird) will be € 350 (after June 30 € 495), which is the same as for the last international conference we organized in Wageningen. There will be free receptions on the Wednesday and Thursday and a conference dinner on the Thursday evening in the restaurant of the beautifully located Wageningsche Berg (http://hoteldewageningscheberg.en/), for which an additional fee will apply (€ 70).

I am sure that we together can create a fantastic conference program!
For now, best wishes, and looking forward to the submission of your proposal(s), also on behalf of the organization committee,
Martin Mulder