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ICO NSS2019 Workshops at the ORD Pre-conference

posted 15 May 2019, 00:51 by ICO Education   [ updated 15 May 2019, 07:02 ]
Due to the educational strike on the last day of the ICO National Spring School 2019 the workshops were cancelled. But we have found an alternative: ICO will offer two workshops during the ORD preconference, which is organised by the VPO. Registration for the preconference is already possible the ORD2019-website when you go to the registration form (in due time it will be possible to select the workshops from the form - so it is best to wait a little before registration). Participation to the preconference will be free of charge for ICO members who go to one of these two workshops. If you have already paid for the preconference, ICO will cover your costs if you participate in one of these two workshops:

Workshop Theatre Skills – Artesc *
So there you are. Facing a lecture theatre filled with fellow scientists. They have already had six talks – the only thing they want is a coffee break. That’s when you would be glad to have the theatre skills at hand to help you make the coming fifteen minutes a success.

But where to begin?
In this 1,5 hour workshop you will get to know the basic ideas that can make your performance work in the scientific arena. Discover the secrets from theatre and investigate the impact of subtle changes in your performance. Last but not least, you will learn what it takes to keep the attention of the audience and do justice to the content at the same time.

Workshop Open Science and Reproducibility – Alexandra Sarafoglou *
There is a movement going on in making research results more accessible and reproducible, to make science better and more efficient. Are you also interested in making your research more open? In this workshop Alexandra Sarafoglou will give a small recap about the reproducibility crisis, explain the importance of distinguishing confirmatory and exploratory research, and dedicate a fair amount of time on practical tips and exercises on how to increase the transparency in your research reports and how to write a good preregistration document. If time permits, she will give some practical advice on how to set up an Open Science Community at your own university, to create a support network.

Other workshops that will be offered (in Dutch) at the ORD preconference are:
1. Workshop Hoe bereid je je proefschriftverdediging voor? – Harry Stokhof
2. Workshop NRO – Desirée de Langen
3. Workshop Research positions abroad – Jan Vermunt
Participation to these three workshops will not be free of charge for ICO members (participation in the preconference costs €15,00). More information, registration and payment for these three workshops can also be found on the ORD2019 website soon.