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ICO National Fall School 2013 successful

posted 20 Nov 2013, 03:18 by ICO Education   [ updated 20 Nov 2013, 03:38 ]
The ICO National Fall School at the Maastricht University on November 7 and 8, has had very positive responses in its evaluations. With 120 registrations, 44 presentations, and around 100 participants on both days, the turnout was very good. 

Special attention should go to Mariska Okkinga, of the University of Twente, who won the Best Paper Award 2013 with her paper Effects of reciprocal teaching on reading comprehension in low achieving adolescents. The importance of specific teacher skills. 
Congratulations to Mariska and her supervisors! 

For anyone who is interested, the following Power Point-presentations can be downloaded from the Fall School website:
- Keynote Anique de Bruin 
- Presentations of Van Merriënboer and Henssen, speakers at the Symposium on 25 Years of Educational Research 
- The presentation used during the workshop on Scientific Integrity

Winner of the Best Paper Award, Mariska Okkinga