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ICO invites all members to the ICO National Spring School 2017

posted 20 Dec 2016, 01:02 by ICO Education   [ updated 20 Dec 2016, 01:20 ]
April 20-21 2017, Utrecht University (De Uithof)

From Fall School to Spring School

For various reasons ICO has decided to shift the ICO National and International Schools to Springtime, instead of the Fall. Good thing is, we will no longer suffer from falling leaves delaying our trains, so we can all be in time for the opening session. We realise that for some of you this change means you have a little less time to prepare yourselves this year. But you can use the Spring School to practice the presentation you plan to give on the conferences that follow, like the ORD, JURE or EARLI-conference.

In 2018, the International Spring School will be planned late March 2018, with a possibility  for our part time-ICO PhD members to be present for a half week, instead of the full week. More information about this event will follow in due time.

The ICO NSS: ICO’s national networking event
The ICO National Spring School (NSS) is a biennial, two-day networking event for all ICO Members: PhDs, Staff and Post Docs. During this event ICO members can meet, mingle, and learn about the projects of other ICO members, while the PhD-candidates can practice their presentation skills in a safe surroundings;

At the ICO National Spring School, you can
  • learn about the new developments in educational sciences during the presentations of the PhD-candidates 
  • meet kindred research spirits during the Meet-your-Theme Group-session; 
  • informally catch up with long lost colleagues at the conference dinner; 
PhD student presentations
The focus of the National School is on the ICO PhD-candidates. PhD's are given the opportunity to present their project, either in a Junior Presentation (for 1st and 2nd year candidates) or in a Senior Presentation (3rd or 4th year candidates). The Junior Presentation can be either a Poster Presentation, or a Round Table Presentation. The Senior Presentation is a Paper Presentation.

How to prepare?

For all presentation sessions it is required to send in a paper and an abstract before April 10, 2017. All papers will be accepted automatically. More information on how to prepare can be found on the webpages "Paper presentation", "Poster presentation" and "Round Table presentation" .

ICO Staff and Post Doc Members: our discussants and chairs
While the PhD-candidates are presenting their work, all attending ICO Staff and Post Doc-members will have a role, either as chair of a session, or as a discussant. Of course, we will try to give all Staff and Post Docs the opportunity to be present as an auditor at the presentations of the projects they are involved in themselves, either as a promoter or as a supervisor. If you have any special wishes regarding the presentations of your PhD Students you want to attend, please let us know at your registration form.

Registration and deadlines
  • Registration is open from February until March 30th; 
  • Send in your abstract and paper before April 10, to c.vonk@uu.nl
Fee day programme:
  • ICO members (PhD, staff and post docs): no fee 
  • ICO Alumni: € 25,00 (excluding administration costs, if applicable)
  • Non-ICO members: € 100,00 (excluding administration costs, if applicable) 
Fee conference dinner (April 20th, Utrecht city center): ca. € 50,00 (excluding administration costs, if applicable)

Attending staff and post doc members are also obliged to register. Do you want to be present, but you cannot be there for the both days? No problem, you can also register for just one day.

More information
More information can be found on the ICO National Fall School website (https://sites.google.com/site/iconationalspringschool2017/). In due time the site will be filled with the schedule, more information about the keynote, the workshops, the Theme-group-sessions, and the various student presentations.