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ICO International Spring School 2018

posted 28 Mar 2018, 06:18 by ICO Education   [ updated 28 Mar 2018, 06:19 ]
including the Best Paper and Best Poster Awards 2018 - 
From 19 until 23 March, ICO organised a very successful ICO ISS 2018 in the Abbey of Rolduc in Kerkrade. In total we welcomed 77 participants, of which 25 participants from outside of ICO, coming from various universities in Scandinavia, Germany, England and Spain.

After a week filled with presentation sessions, workshops, and an intensive social programme, the public choice awards for the best paper and best poster presentation were awarded. An honourable mention was given to the following poster presenters: Jolien Pieters, Nore Wijns, Sanne Rovers, Serge Mordang, Maien Sachistal, Stephanie Meeuwissen, and Frances Wijnen.

For the paper presenters an honourable mention was given to Monika Donker, Nathalie van der Wal, Eva Janssen, Nathalia Dmoshinskaia, Marlies ter Beek, Jantien Gerdes and Roos Blankespoor.

The Best Poster Award nominees were Ceren Su Abacioglu and Marlot Akkermans. For Ceren, the public mentioned a clear societal and scientific relevance, an attractive poster, and a clear and enthusiastic presentation. Marlot’s opening with an engaging, personal start of the presentation, and the clear societal relevance were mentioned.

For the paper presentation the nominees were Sanne Rathé, and Mara Otten. Sanne’s presentation had a clear societal and scientific relevance. Her talk was well structured, and easy to follow, with nice examples. Mara gave a good, structured talk, with a very clear message. A nice methodology was used, and she had a good response to the questions asked.

And the winner is…
Best Poster Award 2018: Ceren Su Abacioglu (University of Amsterdam)
Best Paper Award 2018: Sanne Rathé (KU Leuven)