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ICO IFS 2016: Do not forget to register!

posted 14 Sep 2016, 05:54 by ICO Education   [ updated 14 Sep 2016, 05:55 ]
Attending the ICO International Fall School is a memorable experience, for all PhDs in Educational Sciences. Besides workshops on an advanced level, and the keynote speeches, you get the chance to meet PhDs from other (European) countries. During this week you will exchange experiences about your research, and about being a PhD. 

Some of the workshops are nearly full, so if you have a specific preference for any of the offered workshops, we advise you not to wait too long before you register. Placement in the workshops will based on the date of registration.

The International Fall School is mandatory for regular ICO PhD's, but it is also highly recommended for all part time PhD members to attend this event. And, if you know any non-ICO PhDs that like to attend, do point them to our website: https://sites.google.com/site/icofallschool2016/ 

To help you finish your registration in time, the registration deadline has been postponed until September 30th.