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ICO Education 2018

posted 28 Nov 2017, 05:04 by ICO Education   [ updated 28 Nov 2017, 05:04 ]
Education is an important part of your PhD project as it helps you to improve your research skills, it gives insight in various aspects of the Educational Sciences, and it will broaden your horizon. That is why the ICO educational programme is part of your PhD trajectory. Being an ICO member, all ICO courses are always open to you.

The coming months ICO will organise the following courses: 


Course name

Course Coordinators



ICT and Education

Jeroen Janssen
Bram de Wever
Stijn van Laer

February 12-13, 2018
May 7-8, 2018.

Registration deadline: January 8, 2018


Program Evaluation in Education: Empirical Research Methods to Identify Causal Effects

Ilja Cornelisz
Chris van Klaveren

February 15
March 8-9 & 15, 2018

Registration deadline: January 8, 2018


ICO Introductory Course Spring

Diana Dolmans,
Liesbeth Kester

April 9
May 23-24, 2018 

Registration deadline: February 12, 2018


Qualitative Research

Lucy Avraamidou
Jeroen Imants
Jasperina Brouwer

Dates to be determined
Spring/Summer 2018


Teaching & Teacher Education

Jan van Tartwijk
Wilfried Admiraal
Loes de Jong

Preliminary dates: October 3-5, October 11-12, 2018

To register for these courses go to the registration form
If you have any comments or requests concerning the ICO educational programme and future ICO courses, contact your local PhD respresentative or the ICO Executive Secretary at c.vonk@uu.nl.