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ICO Directorate 2012

posted 18 Jan 2012, 04:09 by ICO Education   [ updated 28 Jan 2013, 04:39 ]

As from January 2012, Prof. Dr. Jos Beishuizen and Prof.Dr. Diana Dolmans will constitute the new directorate of ICO, the Interuniversity Center for Educational Sciences (Interuniversitair Centrum voor Onderwijswetenschappen). 
Professor Beishuizen will be the new scientific director of ICO. He is currently educational director of ICO and director of the Centre for Educational Training, Assessment and Research at the VU University Amsterdam. Dolmans will serve as educational director. She is associate professor at the Department of Educational Development and Research and School of Health Professions Education (SHE) of Maastricht University.
The ICO Directorate will be supported by executive secretary Drs. Caroline Vonk. Until now, Vonk was the educational secretary of ICO. As from January 2012, she will both back up the scientific director and the educational director.