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For all ICO PhD's: the ICO Monitor 2013

posted 14 Jan 2014, 06:31 by ICO Education   [ updated 14 Jan 2014, 06:33 ]
The ICO PhD Monitor 2013 is now available online, and we would truly appreciate it if you would complete it before February 1, 2014. We would like to remind you that completing this questionnaire is obligatory for all ICO PhD students. Also, if you have finished your PhD Project this past year, we need you to fill out the Monitor. Doing so takes about 10 minutes.

The ICO Monitor: Why?
There are several reasons for the ICO Monitor. A very practical one is that we need the information we gather through the ICO Monitor, to get insight into the progress of all ICO PhD Projects. We use this information to make the quality reports that ICO has to send to the KNAW, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences . But it also serves to complete the ICO Administration, and the ICO Dissertation List.

But, besides the making of official reports, the ICO Monitor will be used help you overcome any delay in your research project, or any other problems that may arise. The completed questionnaires are being evaluated by ICO’s Scientific Committee. If deemed necessary, ICO’s Scientific Director, Jos Beishuizen, will contact you to inquire if you need any assistance. Of course, all results are treated confidentially. Your responses will not be revealed to your supervisor(s).

We would like to remind you, that in case of any problems that may arise during your PhD Project, you can also contact the ICO Counsellor, Jules Pieters, by phone:+31 6 51639328, or by email.

Thank you for filling out the form!