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Farewell Prof. dr. Karel Stokking, dr. Bert Versloot, and dr. Gijsbert Erkens

posted 31 May 2012, 05:04 by ICO Education   [ updated 4 Jun 2012, 00:40 ]
June 29, 12.30 hours,  Nicolai church and the Central Museum Utrecht - 
Dear ICO members, 

2012 is a noteworthy year for the Department of Education of Utrecht University. Three important lecturers and researchers, Prof. dr. Karel Stokking, dr. Bert Versloot, and dr. Gijsbert Erkens, will say farewell to our University and will enjoy their retirement. 

Of course, we do not want to let this occasion pass without any notice. Therefore, we will organize a big farewell for all three on the 29th of June. Theme of the day is: We march backwards into the future. Karel, Bert, and Gijsbert will all give valedictory lecture on that day. 

This farewell meeting will be held in the Nicolai church and the Central Museum, located in the centre of Utrecht. The programme will start at 12.30 with a reception and a word of welcome. After the three lectures have been delivered , the day will be concluded at 17.30 with a reception. 

You are cordially invited to attend this memorable day. The three gentleman have expressed their hope that colleagues from other Universities will also be present during this day. We therefore sincerely hope you will be able to attend this meeting. 

Because of the limited number of seats available, we kindly request you to notify us via e-mail if you want to attend the meeting. If this is the case, please send an e-mail to owkdag@gmail.com.

We hope to see many of you on June 29, to give Karel, Bert, and Gijsbert a fitting farewell!

With kind regards,
on behalf of the Department of Education, Utrecht University,

Daniëlle Vlaanderen,
Ellie van Eijk,
Frans Prins en
Jeroen Janssen