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Ever thought about a Rubicon grant?

posted 25 Feb 2015, 05:04 by ICO Education   [ updated 25 Feb 2015, 05:04 ]
As Visiting professor at the Learning and Educational Technology Unit in Oulu, Finland (http://www.oulu.fi/let/) I [Paul Kirschner] have acquired a Finnish Academy project on “Strategic regulation of learning through Learning Analytics and Mobile clouds for individual and collaborative learning success (SLAM)”. My co-PI Sanna Järvelä and I feel that this would be great opportunity for young (almost) PhDs to do some great and really interesting research and also to gain useful publications for future academic tenure or VENI-proposals.

If you are adventurous (up to 2 years outside of the Netherlands), ambitious (want to get a step up on the competition in your academic career) and above all intelligent contact Sanna or me about the project.. For information about the Rubicon Grant, go to http://www.nwo.nl/en/funding/our-funding-instruments/nwo/rubicon/index.html