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Educational Psychologist Paul Kirschner appointed as university professor

posted 2 Jun 2015, 03:42 by ICO Education   [ updated 2 Jun 2015, 03:42 ]


As of June 1, 2015 Paul A. Kirschner will assume the position of university professor on the Open Universiteit. Until then he was director of the FEEEL (Fostering Effective, Efficient and Enjoyable Learning) programme at the Welten Institute. As university professor Kirschner will carry out research on interaction, collaboration and regulation in higher education.

About Paul Kirschner
Prof. dr. Paul A. Kirschner (New York, 1951) was appointed in as professor of Educational Psychology at the Open Universiteit. He is one of the pioneers of the Open Universiteit, beginning in 1983 at what was known as the education division of the Department of Course Development and was - in 1991 – the first ‘full’ PhD laureate receiving his title based upon the thesis ‘Practicals in Higher Science Education’. This period was followed by a number of functions at the Open Universiteit, all in the field of instructional design and educational research, but also included appointments as professor of education at Maastricht University and professor of Educational Psychology at Utrecht University. At the moment he is also visiting professor at the Learning & Educational Technology unit on the University of Oulu (Finland).

Internationally renowned expert

Kirschner is an internationally renowned expert in the fields of computer supported collaborative learning, instructional design, the design and development of innovative electronic learning environments, media use in education, and the acquisition of complex cognitive skills. He is among other things a member of the Scientific Technical Council of SURF and a fellow of the American Educational Research Association (and the first European researcher to receive this honour). He is editor of two highly rated scientific journals - Journal of Computer Assisted Learning and Computers in Human Behavior – and is (co-)author of a number books and close to 300 scientific articles. He also regularly writes articles and commentaries for professional teacher magazines such as Didactief [Didactics] and Van 12-18 [From 12-18]. His newest book was published in March with the title Urban Myths about Learning and Education.

University Professor
The Open Universiteit only rarely appoints a university professor, and when it does so it in an area strategically connected to a theme that is highly relevant to the OU-profile. Appointment of a university professor is based upon a combination of discipline-transcending vision and international top research ranking. A university professor enjoys the academic freedom of working on innovative education and interdisciplinary research. University professors are bound by neither a specific field of study or a faculty and are expected to play a leading part in academic and social debates. At this moment there is one other university professor at the Open Universiteit: Rob Koper. In the past, Frans Leijnse and Fred Mulder were university professors.