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Registration deadline to the ICO NFS has been extended until September 28

posted 31 Aug 2015, 06:35 by ICO Education   [ updated 16 Sep 2015, 07:30 ]
November 5-6, 2015. Utrecht University
Do not forget to register, as registration will close on Monday, September 28 at noon. Especially our ICO staff members are requested to come to the NFS: we need your expertise to review and chair the PhD presentation sessions. Besides the presentation sessions, you will be able to get a better insight on how to write a grant proposal, face and discuss various dilemmas on integrity in research, and improving your skills as a supervisor by attending the workshops.

The ICO National Fall School is a biennial, two-day networking event for all ICO Members: PhDs, Staff and Post Docs. During this event ICO members can meet, mingle, and learn about the projects of other ICO members, while 2nd and 3rd-year PhD-candidates can practice their presentation skills in a safe surroundings. We will kick of the NFS2015 with a keynote by prof.dr. Liesbeth Kester on the use of multi media in education.

PhD student presentations
The focus of the National Fall School is on the ICO PhD-candidates. PhDs are given the opportunity to present their project, either in a Junior Presentation (for 2nd year candidates) or in a Senior Presentation (3rd year candidates). The Junior Presentation can be either a Poster Presentation, or a Round Table Presentation. The Senior Presentation is a Paper Presentation. More information about the different presentation types can be found on the website, on the pages on Presentations.

ICO Staff and Post Doc Members: our discussants and chairs
While the PhD-candidates are presenting their work, all attending ICO Staff members and Post Docs will have a role, either as chair of a session, or as a discussant. Of course, we will try to give all Staff and Post Docs the opportunity to be present as an auditor at the presentations of the projects they are involved in themselves, either as a promoter or as a supervisor. If you have any special wishes regarding the presentations of your PhD Students you want to attent, please let us know at your registration form.

All visitors to the National Fall School can attend the workshops. Some workshops will be organized twice on one day, so everyone will get a change to join. In each session of the workshop there will be room for 20 people.
Thursday, November 5 we will offer the workshops "Supervising (PhD and master) research: how to make the most of it", with Anique de Bruin (Maastricht Unversity), and "Professionalism and Integrity in Research" with the dilemma game, hosted by Peter Verkoeijen (Erasmus University). On Friday, November 6, Tamara van Gog (Utrecht University) will tell you all she knows about how to write a successful grant proposal.

Special Lunch sessions
Thursday November 5: Meet Your Theme-Group-Lunch

The aim of this lunch is for the theme group coordinators to meet with PhDs and staff members with a research interest in a specific theme. It is an informal lunch meeting where you can meet each other shortly face-to face to inform each other about the courses offered within ICO by the theme group as well as discuss what kind of workshops would be of interest for future courses or the international ICO Fall school in 2016
On Friday November 6, we want to inspire your future career plans by giving you the chance to meet with people with professions outside of the academic world. 

During the Evening Event, on Thursday evening you will get the chance to informally catch up with your colleagues during a dinner in Utrecht city centre.  

Registration and deadlines

Registration is open from May until September 28th, 12:00 hours, 2015
Send in your abstract and paper before October 1, 2015 to c.vonk@vu.nl

Location: Utrecht University

More information can be found on the ICO NFS2015-website