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Course Qualitative Methods at the Radboud Summer school

posted 29 Mar 2017, 00:57 by ICO Education   [ updated 29 Mar 2017, 01:01 ]
In social sciences and humanities we study how people act in specific situations. These situations are highly contingent and are interpreted in a subjective way. People also follow their own subjective logic in the way they act in these situations. To investigate these processes, we cannot rely on standardised categorisations, nor on presumed rationalities. Qualitative methods accordingly try to be open to these subjectivities and contingencies. Qualitative data are often collected by means of open (in depth) interviews, documents, and visual data, and are analysed by means of different interpretative methods. In this intensive course you learn how to conduct, transcribe and analyse interviews, documents and visual data. You will also get to know and practically exercise the basic principles of different methods of data analysis such as 'content analysis', 'grounded theory analysis', 'phenomenological analysis', 'ethnography', 'critical discourse analysis' and 'visual data analysis'. Finally you will also learn how to present the results of qualitative research.

Course fee: € 550

More information about the course, registration and fees can be found at http://www.ru.nl/radboudsummerschool/courses/2017/qualitative-methods/