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Call for proposals ICLS 2014 (International Conference of the Learning Sciences)

posted 22 Apr 2013, 06:23 by ICO Education   [ updated 22 Apr 2013, 06:37 ]
Boulder, Colorado, USAJune 23-27, 2014
ICLS 2014 (International Conference of the Learning Sciences), to be held in Boulder, Colorado in June 2014 invites proposals aimed at improving our understanding of learning, and improving the design and practices of tools and environments aimed at supporting learning. Papers and symposia may take empirical, theoretical, conceptual, and design based perspectives. The conference theme is “Learning and Becoming in Practice,” foregrounding the ways that learning entails becoming a certain kind of person, and the ways that learning processes are situated within different kinds of practices. We welcome focus on practices encompassing the range of contexts and processes in which people learn, including engagement in the epistemic practices of disciplines, participation in sociocultural practices, and engagement in design. In addition, we welcome focus on practices that pertain to how we organize our own work as learning scientists: the practices for analyzing and modeling learning across settings and time and the practices for designing for scale and sustainability.

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ICO Education,
22 Apr 2013, 06:23