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Call for Papers Studia Paedogogica: Trust and Control in Education

posted 17 Aug 2016, 03:40 by ICO Education   [ updated 17 Aug 2016, 03:40 ]
Monothematic issue the journal Studia Paedagogica will be focused on one of the traditional dichotomies in education: trust and control. Articles related to various settings in which education takes place are welcome as well as ones dealing with adult education and life-long learning in the broadest sense of the terms. We are concerned with situations in which trust and control are balanced so that those being educated are successful in their learning, but we will also appreciate articles on situations in which questions of trust and control are addressed in view of external priorities (f.i. stakeholder accountability), as distinct from the concerns of a learning individual.

For more information go to http://www.phil.muni.cz/journals/index.php/studia-paedagogica/announcement