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In Memoriam - Wilma Kippers

posted 3 Aug 2018, 00:36 by ICO Education   [ updated 3 Aug 2018, 00:36 ]

We are shocked to hear ICO PhD candidate Wilma Kippers has died in a tragic accident in Greece. Wilma was a PhD candidate at the University of Twente, and was about to finish her project later this year. ICO wishes her family, friends, and colleagues at the University of Twente strentght in this difficult time. 

21st Technology Enhanced Assessment Confererence (TEA2018)

posted 19 Jul 2018, 06:58 by ICO Education   [ updated 19 Jul 2018, 06:58 ]

The 2018 International Technology Enhanced Assessment Conference (TEA2018) will take place on 10-11 December 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The International TEA is a two-day research-led conference organised by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Open University and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). Submission of proposals is due 27 August. More information: http://www.teaconference.org/


ICO is going on a summer break

posted 19 Jul 2018, 06:31 by ICO Education   [ updated 19 Jul 2018, 06:31 ]

The ICO Office is taking a summer break, and will be closed from July 26 until August 27. If you do have any questions, or information you want to share with us, do not hesitate to send us an email at c.vonk@uu.nl. We will respond to your message upon our return.

De Jonge Akademie publishes guide for foreign researchers

posted 17 Jul 2018, 03:05 by ICO Education   [ updated 17 Jul 2018, 04:01 ]

De Jonge Akademie (the Young Academy) has produced a guide for foreign researchers who would like to work in the Netherlands. A Beginner's Guide to Dutch Academia discusses Dutch attitudes to work, employment contracts, and the structure of academia in the Netherlands, with its universities and research organisations. The first copy of the guide was presented to the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven, on Saturday 2 June 2018.

Research funding
The guide also gives an overview of the various funding options for research projects. For example, it describes how funding depends not only on the researcher’s skills, but also on whether the research addresses relevant socio-economic problems, or facilitates valorisation by third parties.

Terms and conditions of employment
The extent to which foreign researchers can negotiate a salary is limited, as academic pay is subject to a collective agreement. On the other hand, maternity and parental leave is longer than in many other countries. In the Netherlands, researchers also have considerable freedom to determine their working hours. A disadvantage is that most Dutch universities do not have a ‘double career’ policy; accompanying partners or spouses will have a to find a job on their own. That is different in some other countries.

One interesting detail is that Dutch instructors and students tend to treat one another as relative equals. Instructors guide students on a shared journey of scholarly discovery, rather than simply convey knowledge to them. Relationships between academics are also relatively informal. The guide concludes with a list of informative websites, reports and manuals. It also provides a list of abbreviations and acronyms that Dutch academics will also find useful.

To order
A Beginner's Guide to Dutch Academia can be ordered free of charge from publicaties@knaw.nl.

New book publication: "Design research in education: A practical guide for early career researchers"

posted 16 Jul 2018, 01:36 by ICO Education   [ updated 16 Jul 2018, 01:36 ]

Design Research in Education is a practical guide containing all the information required to begin a design research project. Providing an accessible background to the methodological approaches used in design research as well as addressing all the potential issues that early career researchers will encounter, the book uniquely helps the early career researcher to gain a full overview of design research and the practical skills needed to get their project off the ground. Based on extensive experience, the book also contains multiple examples of design research from both undergraduate and postgraduate students, to demonstrate possible projects to the reader.

Bakker, A. (2018). Design research in education: A practical guide for early career researchers. London, UK: Routledge.

Inaugural lecture Prof. dr. Perry den Brok

posted 16 Jul 2018, 01:23 by ICO Education   [ updated 16 Jul 2018, 01:24 ]

On 20 September 2018, Prof. dr. Perry den Brok, Professor of Education and Learning Sciences, will give his inaugural address entitled: 

Cultivating the growth of life-science graduates: On the role of educational ecosystems 

Connected to the inaugural lecture, a symposium is organized to showcase the work of the chair group Education and Learning Sciences (ELS). ELS staff will engage you in their activities and present their work in education, research and innovation.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to both events. Please find attached the official invitations:
- Invitation Symposium Education and Learning Sciences 

*Please note: Registration for attending the symposium is required, register here.

With kind regards, on behalf of Prof. dr. Perry den Brok and the chair group Education and Learning Sciences (ELS),
Nicolette Tauecchio

Wageningen University & Research
Education and Learning Sciences (ELS)

Vooraankondiging: Workshop over buitenpromovendi

posted 11 Jul 2018, 04:05 by ICO Education   [ updated 11 Jul 2018, 04:06 ]

12 oktober 2018, Wijnhaven, Den Haag
Doelgroep: buitenpromovendi, beleidsmedewerkers, en andere geïnteresseerden

Het Expertise Centrum voor de Promotie Opleiding organiseert samen met het Dual PhD Centrum op vrijdagmiddag 12 oktober 2018 een workshop over Buitenpromovendi. Locatie: Wijnhaven, Den Haag

Buitenpromovendi vormen een grote maar vaak vergeten groep promovendi. Ze hebben geen aanstelling en geen werkplek bij de universiteit. Vaak is hun promotor de enige connectie met de universiteit en staan ze beperkt of niet op de radar van graduate schools. Terwijl graduate schools ook voor buitenpromovendi meerwaarde kunnen hebben.

Voorbeelden van buitenpromovendi zijn: (1) personen die (naast hun baan) volledig in hun eigen tijd aan een promotie werken; (2) personen die een beperkte hoeveelheid tijd krijgen, bijvoorbeeld 1 dag per week, om in de baas zijn/haar tijd aan de promotie te werken; (3) gepensioneerden die aan een promotie werken.

In deze interactieve workshop krijgen deelnemers een beeld van de diverse programma's die universiteiten en andere organisaties in Nederland hebben ontwikkeld voor buitenpromovendi. Rapporteren we uitkomsten van onderzoek naar buitenpromovendi. En delen buitenpromovendi zelf hun ervaringen.

Noteer alvast deze middag in de agenda! Een concept programma en de mogelijkheid je op te geven volgt na de zomervakantie.

Ken je, of werk je aan, een programma dat is ontwikkeld voor buitenpromovendi dat zeker aandacht verdient voor deze middag? Laat ons dan weten. Email: i.c.m.van.der.weijden@cwts.leidenuniv.nl

7th International Conference on Self-determination Theory (SDT) of motivation

posted 3 Jul 2018, 03:40 by ICO Education   [ updated 3 Jul 2018, 03:40 ]

The 7th International Conference on Self-determination Theory (SDT) of motivation will take place in Egmond aan Zee from 21st to 24th May 2019. It is being organized by the Department of Research in Education at VUmc School of Medical Sciences, Amsterdam. Self-Determination Theory (http://selfdeterminationtheory.org/) is a contemporary theory of human motivation founded by Prof. Dr. Edward Deci and Prof. Dr. Richard Ryan. It is concerned with motivating individuals, teams and organizations from within. SDT has applications for Business Organizations, Education, Sports and Exercise, Healthcare, Relationships, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychopathology, Goals, Health and Well-being, and Environment. If you or your colleagues want to know how to enhance the intrinsic motivation of your students, teachers, sportsmen, health professionals, team members and members of the society, you have a lot to gain from this conference. The world-renown founders and all key SDT faculty will be speakers at this conference. Please check out the details of the conference at www.sdt2019.org

Call for proposals: VET Research Award 2018

posted 2 Jul 2018, 23:49 by ICO Education   [ updated 2 Jul 2018, 23:49 ]

At the European Vocational Skills Week 2018, taking place in November in Vienna, the European Commission will again award examples of excellence in research in vocational education and training (VET) (website).


The VET Research Award aims to reward an outstanding VET research project, an individual researcher, or a research team who has made an outstanding contribution to innovative thinking in VET, including initial VET, career-long professional learning, adult learning or continuing VET. The European Research Network in Vocational Education and Training (VETNET) has been appointed to manage the call for proposals and the nomination process.

Researchers and other VET professionals are kindly invited to propose a project, a team or a person to be nominated for the VET Research Award by filling in this form

Deadline: 24 August 2018.

An Evaluation Committee, composed of experts of VETNET and international VET journals will evaluate the proposals. They will nominate two persons/teams/projects to the attention of the European Commission. The European Commission will organise a public voting in October. Nominees will be presented during the European Vocational Skills Week on 8 November, and the final winner will be formally announced on 9 November.

If you have any questions, please contact barbara.stalder@phbern.ch, chair of the Evaluation Committee.

  • **********************************************************
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara E. Stalder
    Bereichsleiterin Erziehungs- und Sozialwissenschaften
    Leiterin SPP Schul- und Ausbildungserfolg
    PHBern |Institut Sekundarstufe II | Fab8 | 3012 Bern
    T +41 31 309 25 21

    Course: Critical Choices in Qualitative Research

    posted 28 Jun 2018, 06:45 by ICO Education   [ updated 28 Jun 2018, 06:46 ]

    October 29 – November 2, 2018. School of Health Professions Education of Maastricht University
    Are you a PhD students or other researcher in health professions education planning or conducting a qualitative research project, and wish to extend your knowledge and skills related to qualitative research design and/or data analysis?

    “The fascinating thing about qualitative research is that there is always more to learn about it. Every project is a new creative challenge. It never gets boring.”
    Dr. Janneke Frambach, Course Coordinator

    · 1 week Campus-Based, at Maastricht University
    · Face-to-face, 1-week full time. Post graduate level, (2 ECTS).
    · Date: 29 October-2 November 2018. Application Deadline: September 15, 2018
    · Your own project is the central theme guiding you through the course. This can range from a research idea to (part of) a dataset
    · Peer exchange: present your progress, reflections and objectives for the future
    · Hands-on: Research design and data analysis
    · Course fee: €1400

    Course information Looking for a course that will help you getting started with your qualitative research project? Or are you feeling lost in data analysis or just in need of some critical reflection on your analysis? In this course we focus on essential moments of choice in the qualitative research process, in particular selecting your research design and selecting your analytical strategy. These choices are inherently interconnected and will ultimately decide how you make sense of your data.

    Objectives This course will get you started and further assist you in designing your study or analyzing your data. Your own project is the central theme guiding you through the course. Depending on where you are in your study, you will get hands-on with designing your study or analyzing and interpreting your data. Ample opportunities for peer exchange, peer review and individual consultations with course leaders will enable you to reflect on and shape your own work, as well as learn about the moments of choice involved in qualitative research more broadly.

    More information and registration click here or email: she@maastrichtuniversity.nl

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