Requirements for ICO PhD candidates (PhD Candidates starting prior to 2013)

Full time PhD Members (0,6 FTE for doing research)
All full time ICO PhD students who have started the educational programme between 1st of September 2000 and 31 December 2012 are required to participate in the following ICO modules: 
  • ICO Introductory Course .
  • Two Thematic ICO master classes related to the ICO research themes. It does not necessary mean that these master classes should be related to the research themes a PhD student has subscribed to.
  • At least one master class related to research methodology and techniques .
  • ICO International Fall school.
  • ICO National Fall School
After completion of all ICO modules the PhD student will receive the ICO Certificate.

Part time PhD Members (
≤ 0,6 FTE for doing research)
All part time ICO PhD students are required to participate in the following ICO modules:
  • ICO Introductory Course (time investment 140 hours - 5ECTS)
  • either the ICO National or the International Fall School

The number of ICO courses PhD students are willing to attend is not restricted to a maximum. For instance, if an part time PhD Member wants to attend the full ICO educational programme, this is possible. After completion of all ICO modules the PhD student will receive the final ICO Certificate.

As a rule, in the admission procedure for the courses, PhD students members of ICO have an advantage over external participants. Please see our regulations for registration for details.

Exemption for ICO Thematic or Methodological courses is possible. For more information, please look at our Exemption regulations.
For the full time PhD Members the ICO Introductory course, making a Junior (2nd year students) and a Senior (3rd year students) presentation either at the biennial ICO National or International Fall School, and participation in the International Fall School are compulsory. Because of the new set up of the Educational Programme in 2011, one exception is made for students who will defend their thesis in 2012, and who are not able to attend the International Fall School in this year. In this case exemption from the International Fall School is possible.