13-M-QL Qualitative Research

Course description:
This Masterclass is concerned with central questions and themes related to qualitative research. In the meetings, the focus is on the mutual exchange of perspectives and experiences regarding those themes and the application in the participants own research projects. Presentations by teachers and students are alternated with group assignments, demonstrations, and discussions. Students are required to study the relevant literature beforehand, and to indicate the position of their own research in respect of the themes in a position paper.

In a first block of three days, we pay attention to different paradigms and philosophical issues related to qualitative research. Attention will also be paid to the own perspective of the researcher on the development of knowledge and theories. A main focus will be on research methods. Several approaches and methods, such as grounded theory, protocol analysis, interview analysis and triangulation are discussed. Finally, attention is paid to quality assurances and checks including the audit procedure. In pairs, participants will audit each other's research before resuming the second part of the course (three weeks later).

The second block of two days will deal with issues related to presentation (oral and written) of qualitative studies. How to organize your data for writing and how to convince the reader that your interpretations are supported by the data. During these days participants will present their (revised) position paper which will be critiqued by another participant.

Course objectives:
The objectives of this masterclass are, that you
· can articulate your own view on qualitative research
· gain knowledge of and practical experience with several aspects of qualitative research, such as methods, writing and presentation

This course is recommended for second or third year PhD-students. First year PhD students may participate only if they have followed the ICO Introductory course.

Preliminary to the first meeting, participants have to read the reader with texts that will be distributed.

Paulien Meijer; p.c.meijer@uu.nl
Sanne Akkerman; s.f.akkerman@uu.nl 
Helma Oolbekkink; h.oolbekkink@ils.ru.nl

Course Programme

The course consists of two blocks of five days in total. During the first block of three days, presentations by (guest) teachers are alternated with group assignments, demonstrations, and discussions. During the interval between the two blocks, students will create an audit trail on their own research and evaluate or 'audit' one other student's work. The final block of two days will concentrate on written and verbal presentations and dillemmas in qualitative research in own studies.

February 6, 7,8, 2013
March 7,8, 2013

Deadline for registration: December 20, 2012

We will inform you as soon as possible about the location of this course

maximum number of participants:

The student completes the course when he or she is has fully read the reader, is present during the course, actively contributes to the workshops and completes the individual assignments according to the guidelines.