12-02 Teaching and Teacher Education

In this masterclass various subthemes within the ICO-theme Teaching and Teacher Education will be addressed. Each of the subthemes includes various topics that will be tackled in separate workshops.
  1. Teacher
    The subtheme Teacher includes the topics of teacher knowledge and teacher identity.
  2. Teaching
    The subtheme Teaching will address various perspectives on teaching such as interpersonal, pedagogical, methodological and domain-specific (alpha, beta and gamma).
  3. Teacher Education
    The subtheme Teacher education will focus on the topics teaching in initial teacher education, professional development and teacher assessment.
  4. Teacher Development
    The subtheme Teacher development deals with the topics Career development, evidence-based teaching and school organizations.

Course objectives
After this course, you have acquired basic knowledge of theories, models and research designs that are used by ICO- and international researchers within the theme Teaching and Teacher Education.

The course requires a total time investment of 100 hours, of which approximately 40 hours are for attending the meetings. Another 60 hours is planned for studying literature and the preparation and application of the daily debates.

Co-ordinators of the masterclass are prof. dr. Jan van Tartwijk (Utrecht University) en prof. dr. Wilfried Admiraal (University of Amsterdam). The programme includes 15 workshops (one on each topic) that are organized by a senior member of the ICO-theme Teaching and Teacher Education. Each day will be concluded with an academic debate. In the debates participants take a stance in some crucial aspects of the topic, work out arguments and apply these in their own research project.
  • Jan van Tartwijk
    Centre for Teaching and Learning/ Department of Education
    Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    Utrecht University
  • Wilfried Admiraal
    Department of Child Development
    Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
    University of Amsterdam
All meetings take place at the University of Amsterdam, Spinozastraat 55, 1018HJ Amsterdam (see route). The meetings take place between 9.30 AM and 5.30 PM, during five days. On each day three workshops will be organized on a particular topic and participants are asked to read the literature about this topic in advance. Each day will be concluded with an academic debate about issues on the particular topics of that day.

Participants will pass the course if they are present at, and actively contribute to each of the course meetings, and if a position paper of 2000 words max on one of the topics is completed and assessed positively.

Approximately January 30th 2011, the participants can download a reader with the literature to be studied in advance.

  • 2012, March  5th until 9th
Deadline for registration is set at January 23, 2012

Maximum number of participants
  • 25
More information

Additional information, such as locations, registration procedures, and costs, will be provided by the Educational Secretary.