Toogdag 2010: Workshop Becoming a successful researcher in education. A session with senior researchers.

Fenixzaal, 15.15 -16.45 h

Considering an academic career after your thesis? Or do you prefer to work in another domain, implementing your PhD-research in practice? Do you want to teach or only focus on research, or both? This workshop is meant for PhD-students that want to orientate themselves on their future career. In this session you will get the chance to ask a panel of experienced researchers about the do’s and don’ts in career planning. Ask the questions you never dared to drop at conferences or drinks. Prepare yourself for this meeting by thinking of possible concerns as choosing your domain of research, (inter)national collaboration, pitfalls, finance, job applications and what to do to make yourself visible as a researcher.

Each panel member will give a small introduction and describe their career development, the important choices they have made and what advice they would give to starting researchers. The moderators will prepare some questions and foster interaction with the audience.

Panel members are;
Ton Klein (Oberon); Marcel Veenman (Leiden University) and Sanne Akkerman (Utrecht University)
The session will be moderated by Marjolein van Herten (OU Heerlen) and Albert Logtenberg (UvA).