Announcements Toogdag 2010

Guidelines for presenters and discussants

posted 21 May 2012, 05:47 by ICO Education

To help all presenters and discussants in their preparation for the Toogdag we have composed a set of guidelines for both groups. You can find these guidelines by following the link to ‘Information for Presenters and Discussants’ on the left side of the Toogdag-site

What’s on in Amsterdam on November 4th?

posted 21 May 2012, 05:46 by ICO Education

Even the Toogdag will come to an end. This does not mean you have to leave Amsterdam right away. To end your visit to Amsterdam in style, there are many cultural events you can visit.

In Theater De Griffioen itself there will be a music performance by Mike Boddé and Hadewich Minis, or you can choose to visit a performance in one of the various other theaters in Amsterdam City Center. Or go to one of the many restaurants, to enjoy a meal and the company of your ICO collegues. Every Thursday evening it is ‘koopavond’ in Amsterdam, which means all shops will be open until late, and the city is full of people.

If you want some suggestions or more information on what there is to do in Amsterdam, go to the web-links on the right side of the page.

Invitation to the ICO Toogdag 2010

posted 21 May 2012, 05:46 by ICO Education

We would like to invite all ICO PhD students, Post docs and Staff Members to come to the 6th annual ICO Toogdag. This year, the Toogdag will take place on Thursday November 4th 2010 in theater De Griffioen in Amstelveen. If you are a 2nd or 3rdyear-Phd student The Toogdag is mandatory: you are required to either give a presentation when you are in your 2nd year, or be a discussant when you are in your 3rd year. We would also strongly recommend the ICO Toogdag to first year-PhD students and Post docs. You are warmly invited to come in order to meet people from the ICO network, and to learn from all presentations and discussions.


Second-year PhD student presentations (mandatory participation)

During this networking event, the second-year PhD students are required to give a presentation about their thesis project. In addition, if you are a third-year PhD student, and you did not present your work at the Toogdag of 2009, you are also requested to give a presentation at the coming Toogdag.


NEW!!!: Third-year PhD students role of discussant (mandatory participation)

Traditionally, the role of discussant has been fulfilled by ICO Staff Members. This year, third-year PhD students are required to join the Staff Members as a discussant. This means that after each presentation two people, a Staff Member and a third-year PhD student, will as a pair act as discussant of the paper and presentation. In this manner, senior students can practice their future role as a discussant and interaction between staff members and students will increase. An exception is made for those third-year PhD students who have to present themselves.


NEW!!!: Workshop Career Orientation

There are advanced plans to organize a Workshop in Career Orientation, especially for the more advanced (3rd and 4th year) PhD Students.  If you are interested in such a workshop, just let us know, and come to the Toogdag!


Keynote Speaker: Tamara van Gog

This years keynote speaker will be Tamara van Gog. Tamara was installed as a member of De Jonge Academie (The Young Academy) of the KNAW (The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Science) in March of this year, were sheconducts research at the interface of educational psychology, cognitive psychology and neuroscience. She is an exceptionally productive scientist and her research is innovative. She has, for example, developed a new method for revealing cognitive processes and applies insights gained in the neurosciences in educational research.



We would like all of you to register before September 15th 2010; you will find the registration form at the ICO website. Please use the Remarks box to indicate your role at the Toogdag.
There are four options:

1.    2nd year students: presenter; please also give the title of your presentation (mandatory participation)

2.    3rd year students: discussant or presenter (mandatory participation)

3.    Staff Members: discussant and/or chair of a session

4.    1st year students and Post docs: auditor

After September 15th, a planning will be made and all presenters are informed about their discussants. If you are a presenter, please then send your paper (APA Style, max. 20 pages (6000 words) including references and abstract) to both your discussants before October 18th.


More information

In August, a special ICO Toogdag webpage will be opened at the ICO Surfgroepen site, where you can find more information about the Toogdag, eg. the (preliminary)schedule, the keynote, and the various student presentations.

·     To register, please go to our registration form.

·     More information about theater De Griffioen (in Dutch)

·     More information about The Young Academy

·     More information about the Toogdag and the presentation requirements

·     ICO Surfgroepen


We look forward to meeting you at the next ICO Toogdag, November 4th 2010!

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