11-09 Research Methodology Qualitative

The master class Qualitative Research addresses issues that are related to qualitative educational research. In the meetings, various methods of data collection, analysis and quality checks will be presented and applied in the participants research projects. Teacher presentations are alternated with group work, demonstrations, and discussions. Students are asked to study some relevant literature prior to the meetings and to write a position paper on how qualitative research might be addressed in their own research.

In the first block, we start with various paradigms and philosophical issues related to qualitative research. The focus will be on methods of data collection and analysis. Several approaches are discussed such as biography, grounded theory, case study, ethnography, and phenomenology. Moreover analyses of qualitative data are addressed such as analysis of interview protocols, observational data, learner reports, and electronic communications along with projective techniques as Rep grids, metaphors, scenarios, role play, and drawings and images. Special attention will be paid to technology that can support both data storage and qualitative analyses. Finally, quality assurances and checks are part the first block including the audit procedure.

In the second block of two days, the focus will be on the presentation and writing for qualitative studies. How to organize your data for writing and how to convince the reader that your interpretations are supported by the data. During these days participants will present their position paper which will be commented on by a peer.


The objectives of this master class are, that participants

  • can articulate their own view on qualitative research
  • gain knowledge of and experience with several aspects of qualitative research, such as data collection, data analysis, writing and presentation
  • gain experience with the use of technology to conduct qualitative research


The course requires a total time investment of 100 hours, of which approximately 40 hours are for attending the meetings, and another 60 hours to study literature, write a paper, prepare a presentation, and set up a commentary.


The course coordinator will be the permanent staff. Several other lecturers will contribute with a workshop, lecture or demonstration. The course coordinator is:

Dr. Wilfried Admiraal
Instituut voor de Lerarenopleiding
Spinozastraat 55
1018 HJ Amsterdam
Room: 2.01


Preparation for the master class includes studying literature, writing a position paper, prepare a presentation and set up a commentary. The meetings are combination of lecturing, group work and discussion.


Participants complete the course when they attend all meetings, actively contributes to the meetings and prepare the meetings according to the guidelines.


About one month prior to the first meeting participants will receive a reader with literature and assignments. The assignments and programme will be available on the ICO Surfgroepen Site.

Dates and location

  • All meetings take place in Utrecht and are planned between 9.30 and 17.00.
  • Planning: February 14, 15, 16, 2011; March 14, 15, 2011


The deadline for registration for this course is January 1st, 2011.
Before you register, please read our regulations for registration.
To register, please go to our registration form.
The maximum number of participants for this course is 15.