Workshop Student Engagement


Student engagement: potential of the concept in educational research and practice


  • Prof. dr. Sjoerd Karsten (University of Amsterdam)
  • Prof. dr. Sandra Christenson, PhD (University of Minnesota)


The concept of student engagement has gained growing attention among researchers in various educational disciplines in the past decades. Student engagement is considered a multidimensional construct, comprising academic, behavioral, affective and cognitive dimensions. Each dimension affects educational outcomes in its own way, and can be facilitated by diverse, mostly interactional, educational processes inside and outside the school.

In this workshop, we will further explore the concept of student engagement and its potential in educational research and practice. On the first day, we will examine theory and research findings on student engagement and its subtypes, considering both conceptual and methodological issues. Participants will be asked to critically reflect on the potential of the concept of student engagement from the perspective of their own field of expertise. The second day will be devoted to applying the theory to educational practice. We will look into a successful evidence-based intervention built on the framework of student engagement, studying its rationale, design and results. Participants will learn more about the intervention research process, and will be invited to explore intervention strategies on student engagement from their own research perspective in a closing assignment.