Workshop Domain Specific Instruction and Transfer


Domain specific instruction and transfer


  • Dr. Marcel van der Klink Open University of the Netherlands
  • Prof. dr. Els Boshuizen, Open University of the Netherlands


Domain-specificity and transfer are almost a contradiction. Yet in domain-specific instruction the problem is not more of less important than in teaching the general sciences. In this workshop we'll explore issues such as when to teach for transfer (and when not!), cognitive and meta-cognitive theories for transfer, and what they mean for instruction, transfer and expertise, and transfer and vocational training, including the problems related to transitions form school to workplace.

Participants will be asked to prepare and present a case in a domain of their liking; these cases will further act as a starting point for literature review and group discussion. The next session, theories will be the staring point. Students will prepare statements based on theories they have studied. In the workshop we will work toward a theoretical framework that can position the different theories, instructional approaches and domains.