Workshop An introduction to Multilevel Models with SPSS


An introduction to Multilevel Models with SPSS


  • Dr. Sven De Maeyer, University Antwerp
  • Prof. dr. Huub van den Bergh, University Utrecht


Researchers often face situation where data are gathered on different observational units. A classical example from educational research involves the investigation of the impact of school characteristics on the performance of the students with students nested within schools. Another example often encountered in educational research are studies with the same subjects measured on multiple occasions (e.g. pre-test/post-test designs, or longitudinal designs). Hence, observations are nested within subjects. Multilevel analysis, or more generally mixed modelling, provides a solution to the problems with this kind of (nested) data.

In this course you will learn to perform multilevel analyses. We will start from a very basic multilevel model and elaborate this model to accommodate research designs with a pre-test post-test design, and models with random-cross-classifications. For this workshop we will use the software package SPSS. In the course theory and hands-on exercises are mixed-up in such a manner that theoretical explanations can be applied directly in a realistic research situation.