General Information

On this web page you will find information for costs, travel, and stay in/to the Spring School location.

Travel information for Spring School participants

  • By Airplane. Regensburgs beautiful surroundings poses some travel challenges. It is possible to fly to Munich Airport. Therefore, the local committee has organized transport from Munich Airport on Sunday March 21rst. Buses will depart from the airport at 9.30 and 11.30 AM. On Friday March 26, there will be transportation back to the airport, depending on departure times. For more information on traveling to Munich, see the airport website.
  • By Train. You can also travel by train to Plattling. You will be informed about organization of transport from Plattling Station to Niederalteich. The local committee will organize transportation from the train station to the Spring School site.


The Springschool program will take place in the venue LVHS Niederalteich, located in Niederalteich in the vicinity of Regensburg.

LVHS (Landvolkshochschule) Niederalteich - website - email
Hengersberger Straße 10
94557 Niederalteich
Tel. +49990193520


Everbody can stay in a 2, 3 or 4 person room in either the venue or the monastery nearby the venue.


Participation in the ICO Springschool 2010 will cost 350 euro*. This covers: the workshops, keynotes, presentation of your research project and feedback, as well as a social program. The costs of the stay (47 euro a night) are not included in this price.

*In case you are an ICO PhD student, ICO will pay the Spring School costs a raison de 350 euro. For ICO PhD students travelling costs and accommodation expenses are on one's own account.

Social activities