10-10 ICO International Spring School Regensburg 2010

The Dutch Interuniversity Center for Educational Research (ICO) is pleased to announce the 9th International School on Educational Research, which will take place from Sunday March 21nd till Thursday March 25th 2010 in the vicinity of Regensburg, Germany. This edition of the Research School ('Spring School') will be organized in cooperation with the University of Regensburg.

The the 9th International School on Educational Research is a compulsory educational activity for ICO PhD students who are in the third year of their research project.

Also PhD students who are not a member of ICO are welcome to join the the 9th International School on Educational Research. Therefore we kindly invite all PhD students who do research in the domains of learning, instruction, and/or education to attend this Spring School on educational research.

During the ICO Spring School PhD students will participate in workshops given by renowned international researchers and present their ongoing work to each other. Also experienced researchers will provide feedback to the junior researchers. Further, five renowned scholars in the field of educational sciences will deliver a keynote adress at the ICO Spring School.

Workshops will be related to six research themes:

Theme 1: Innovative learning arrangements

  • Social Scaffolds in Innovative Learning Environments
    Dr. Frans Prins, Universiteit Utrecht, Centre for Learning in Interaction, Prof. dr. Frank Fischer, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Department of Education and Educational Psychology, Drs. Chris Phielix, Universiteit Utrecht, Centre for Learning in Interaction

Theme 2: Teaching and teacher education

Theme 3: Domain-specific instruction

Theme 4: Educational design and curriculum development

  • Adaptive training systems: implications for student learning
    Dr. Saskia Brand-Gruwel,Open University, the Netherlands
    Prof. dr. Jeroen van Merriënboer, Maastricht University
    Prof. dr. Detlev Leutner University of Duisburg/Essen

Theme 5: Schools and the societal context of education

  • Student engagement: potential of the concept in educational research and practice
    Prof. dr. Sjoerd Karsten, University of Amsterdam
    Prof. dr. Sandra Christenson, University of Minnesota

Theme 6: Assessment, evaluation and examination

Methodological workshops

Each participant is expected to attend two workshops. Students will be asked to indicate their preference for the workshop by email.

Workshops are categorized into two tracks:

Workshop Track 1:

  • No. 1. Prins et al., Social Scaffolds in Innovative Learning Environments
  • No. 2. Beijaard et al., Teacher learning and professional development: constructing a professional or vocational identity
  • No. 3. Brand-Gruwel et al., Adaptive Training Systems: Implications for Student Learning
  • No. 4. Karsten et al., Student Engagement: Potential of the Concept in Educational Research and Practice
  • No. 5. Frank et al., Introduction to the Models and Tools for Social Networks

Workshop Track 2:

  • No 1. Severiens et al., Growing Diversity in Student Populations, Theoretical Perspectives, Research and Policy
  • No 2. Van der Klink et al., Domain Specific Instruction and Transfer
  • No 3. Krauss et al., Constructing Instruments for Assessing Teacher Competence
  • No 4. De Maeyer et al., An Introduction to Multilevel Models with SPSS

Keynote adresses

  1. Prof. dr. P. Robert-Jan Simons, Becoming competent through reflection and feedback
  2. Prof. dr. Maria Frölling-Alberts, Collective and family education in the Israeli kibbutzim
  3. Prof. dr. John Richardson, Questionnaire-based research on student learning in higher education
  4. Prof. dr. Helmut Heid, Pedagogy in the context of the practise in society
  5. Prof. dr. Erno Lehtinen, How to deal with complexity in learning research: integrating theoretical and methodological approaches

Programme schedule

 Programme Spring School 2010 (Update March 19, 2010).

Practical information

General information on travel, stay, and costs.


Registration for the ICO Spring School is possible until February 17. Please use the electronic registration form ICO Courses.


For more information on registration issues and the program you can contact Cathrien Beishuizen of the ICO Spring School Organizing Committee.