10-02 T&TE

Within the ICO-theme Teaching and Teacher Education different research perspectives are used. These perspectives are based on different conceptual frameworks, complementary and partially overlapping, and can be used simultaneously to study teaching. The following perspectives are used by ICO researchers: (a) an interpersonal perspective, which studies teaching in terms of the relationship between teacher and students,(b) a learning activities perspective, which studies teaching in terms of the learning activities it elicits in students,(c) a personal knowledge perspective, which focuses on the knowledge and beliefs teachers have developed about all pedagogical and didactical aspects related to their practice, (d) a moral perspective describing teaching in terms of the values a teacher is communicating to pupils, and (e) an organisational perspective focusing on the teacher as a member of the school organisation.

An important development within the research on teaching and teacher education concerns the increasing attention for teacher learning processes. Whereas in the past, in educational research, the focus was strongly on students learning, recently the learning processes of teachers gain more attention. Professional development of teachers can be understood better if it is conceived of as a result of a lifelong process of learning and consequently, more attention is given to work-related learning. In the context of professional development, a wide range of topics is studied by ICO researchers, including teachers professional identity, the assessment of teachers competence, self-regulated learning activities, different types of learning environments stimulating teacher learning, etcetera.

Course objectives
After this course, you have acquired basic knowledge of theories, models and research designs that are used by ICO- and international researchers within the theme Teaching and Teacher Education.

The course requires a total time investment of 100 hours, of which approximately 40 hours are for attending the meetings, and another 60 hours to study literature and prepare a discussion of points relevant to the own PhD-project. Participants will pass the course if they are present at and actively contribute to each of the course meetings, organize a relevant discussion of their own PhD-project and participate in a group-assignment at the end of the master class demonstrating the acquired knowledge.

Co-ordinators of the master class are prof. dr. Jan van Driel (Leiden University) en prof. dr. Mieke Brekelmans (Utrecht University). They will both form the permanent staff. Several senior members of the ICO-theme Teaching and Teacher Education and possibly a foreign lecturer will participate. In a workshop format, information is discussed, often in combination with group assignments. In separate meetings participants discuss specific topics and problems from their own research.

Jan van Driel
Leiden University Graduate school o f teaching
PO Box 9555
2300 RB Leiden

Mieke Brekelmans
Utrecht University
Faculty of Social Sciences
PO Box 80.140
3508 TC Utrecht

About six weeks before the first meeting participants you will receive a reader with the literature to be studied.
Dates and location

All meetings take place in Utrecht and are planned between 9.00 and 18.00. The dates are January 18, 19, 27, 28 and 29 2010.

A maximum of 20 participants will be admitted.

Deadline for registration is 7 december 2009. PhD students may register for the course by completing the registration form. Students who want to register for the course after the deadline is due, are recommended to contact one of the course co-ordinators.
Before you register, please read our regulations for registration.
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