Toogdag 2009: Session 5

Session 5 starts at 15.40 PM and ends 16.25 PM and consists of four parallel presentations.

  1. Zaal Rood
  2. Zaal Ruppert 121
    Bert Slof (Utrecht University): Representational scripting: Guiding student interaction when performing complex learning tasks. Discussant: Prof. dr. Carla van Boxtel (University of Amsterdam);
  3. Zaal Ruppert 125
    Larike Bronkhorst (Utrecht University): Fostering meaning oriented learning and deliberate practice in teacher education. Dicscussant: Prof. dr. Douwe Beijaard (Eindhoven University of Technology);
  4. Zaal Ruppert 114
    Ingrid Spanjers (Maastricht University): An expertise reversal effect of segmentation in learning from animations. Discussant: Prof. dr. Wouter van Joolingen (University of Twente);
  5. Zaal Ruppert 139
    Migchiel van Diggelen (Eindhoven University of Technology): The development and practicial utility of a self-assessment instrument. Discussant: Dr. Judith Gulikers (Wageningen University).