Toogdag 2009: Session 4

Session 4 starts at 14:35 PM and ends 15.20 PM and consists of five parallel presentations.

  1. Zaal Rood
    Marjolein van Herten (Open University of the Netherlands): Learning communities, informal learning and the humanities: An empirical study of book dicussion groups. Discussant: Prof. dr. Jeroen van Merriënboer (Maastricht University);
  2. Zaal Ruppert 121
    Chantal Chorissen (Open University of the Netherlands): The effects of control versus autonomy on cognitive load, motivation and learning results. Discussant: Prof. dr. Ton de Jong (University of Twente);
  3. Zaal Ruppert 125
    Ellen Rohaan (Eindhoven University of Technology): Testing teacher knowledge for technology teaching in primary schools. Dicscussant: Prof. dr. Jan van Driel (Leiden University);
  4. Zaal Ruppert 114
    Maria Magdalena Isac (University of Groningen): Effective civic education testing: An educational effectiveness model for explaining students'civic outcomes. Discussant: Prof. dr. Robert-Jan Simons (Utrecht University);
  5. Zaal Ruppert 139
    Jannet Doppenberg (Eindhoven University of Technology): Primary education school leaders and teachers' perceptions of collective learning. Discussant: Dr. Gijsbert Erkens (Utrecht University).