Toogdag 2009: Session 3

Session 3 starts at 13:45 PM and ends 14.30 PM and consists of four parallel presentations.

  1. Zaal Rood
    Agaath Dekker-Groen (Utrecht University): Developing performance standards for teachers' competences in giving feedback on students'reflections: a rubrics procedure in nursing education. Discussant: Prof. dr. Jeroen van Merriënboer (Maastricht University / Open University of the Netherlands);
  2. Zaal Ruppert 121
    Nelleke Belo (Leiden University): Physics teachers'beliefs about making physics engaging and comprehensible. Discussant: Dr. Diana Dolmans (Maastricht University);
  3. Zaal Ruppert 125
    - (-). Dicscussant: - (-).
  4. Zaal Ruppert 114
    Monique Bijker (Open University of the Netherlands): Success factors of master curricula in business administration during labor market entry. Discussant: Prof. dr. Robert-Jan Simons (Utrecht University);
  5. Zaal Ruppert 139
    Frank Cornelissen (Eindhoven University of Technology): Studying knowledge processes within school-university research networks: developing a coding system for qualitative data analysis. Discussant: Prof. dr. Paul Kirschner (Open University of the Netherlands)