Toogdag 2009: Session 1

Session 1 starts at 11:00 AM and ends 11:45 AM and consists of five parallel presentations.

  1. Zaal Rood
    Janine van der Rijt (Maastricht University): A relational vew of feedback-seeking in the workplace. Discussant: Prof. dr. Louk Nieuwenhuis (University of Twente);
  2. Zaal Ruppert 121
    Ridwan Maulana (University of Groningen): Teacher and students interpesonal relationship in lower secundary schools in Indonesia. Discussant: Prof. dr. Els Boshuizen (Open University of the Netherlands);
  3. Zaal Ruppert 125
    Lissete van Cuijk (Eindhoven University of Technology). Are primary school teachers ready for inquiry and design based science and technoloyg education? Dicscussant: Dr. Arthur Bakker (Utrecht University);
  4. Zaal Ruppert 114
    Simon Beausaert (Maastricht University). Portfolio assessment: a Troyan horse? Discussant: Dr. Liesbeth Baartman (Eindhoven University of Technology);
  5. Zaal Ruppert 139
    Evelien Ketelaar (Eindhoven University of Technology), The coaching role of teachers in Competence-Based VET. Discussant: Prof. dr. Jan Vermunt (Utrecht University).